Local Marijuana Stores Flush With Supply

with new growers entering the market, outdoor growers reaping their first major harvests and a handful of new exclusive business partnerships, representatives from both stores say the worst days are finally over.

WASHINGTON:  Ramsey Hamide grinned as he leaned back in his chair, looking out at piles of palm-sized plastic bags stacked in containers in the back room at Main Street Marijuana.

For the first time since the store he manages opened three months ago, Hamide found himself in an entirely unfamiliar situation. With two safes bulging and a table packed with product awaiting sale, Hamide couldn’t accept any more product. In fact, on that Wednesday afternoon last week, he found himself turning some growers down.

“We’re pretty much at capacity on what we can store here,” Hamide said. “We’re full. I can’t take anything more until we sell this.”

Both he and his brother, fellow manager Adam Hamide, looked visibly relaxed and happy — relieved after what’s been a bumpy shortage-filled launch to Initiative 502, which legalized marijuana in the state.


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