Legal Marijuana In Small Town Colorado

COLORADO:  Ten months after legal recreational sales of marijuana began in Colorado, the pot industry is attracting buyers from across the nation. More than 200 recreational outlets have joined the 500 existing medical marijuana shops to give pot buyers plenty of options.

In Garden City, Colorado, a tiny incorporated town on the south border of Greeley, four pot shops generate lots of customers and tax revenue without great controversy. At Smokey’s regail marijuana shop, the options range from pre-rolled to hash to marijuana-infused cookies and sarsparilla.

“The benefits we’ve seen is that the city council has put a lot of that money back into their city. One thing they’re very proud of is that Garden City has no potholes. And one of the reasons is recreational marijuana here in town,” Stephen Lewchuk, operations manager of Smokey’s recreational marijuana shop, said.

Tax revenues in the town of 250 pepole have jumped from $16,000 a month before marijuana sales began to more than $100,000 a month. We’ll tell you more about that, and the little town’s pot trade, tonight on Eye on KELOLAND.

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