Leafbuyer Partners With DOPE Media

COLORADO: Leafbuyer Technologies, a leading cannabis technology platform, has announced a new partnership with DOPE Media. The new partnership will significantly expand the reach of Leafbuyer’s deals platform to millions of new cannabis users across North America.

Leafbuyer, a leading cannabis deals network, drives business to dispensaries and product clients through its online platform and network of sites. The announced partnership is expected to capitalize on DOPE Media’s website traffic and industry reputation.

Kurt Rossner, CEO of Leafbuyer, says the primary purpose of this partnership is to expand Leafbuyer’s reach and better serve their clients and consumers. “We are always seeking valuable partnerships with consumer-facing content producers, so forming a long-term relationship with DOPEMagazine.com was a perfect fit. We believe this deal complements our existing array of partnerships with websites like Grasscity.com and Voice Media Group. The broader the reach of the Leafbuyer Network, the more value we will be able to drive our customers. DOPE has a great presence on the West Coast and that is where our highest growth markets are right now,” Rossner added.

A new featured online widget will appear on each page of DOPEMagazine.com The online tool will allow consumers to find Leafbuyer deals on their favorite cannabis-related products, without ever leaving DOPE’s website. Consumers will benefit from the sophisticated tool that aggregates cannabis deals into an easy to use online application.


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