Leading Canna Business Voices: Meet Bill Bates, Founder/Ceo of CIPS

WASHINGTON: As part of our ongoing series of profiles of leading voices within the emerging legal marijuana industry, MJ News Network recently conducted a Q&A with William Bates, CEO and Founder of Cannabis Investment Protection Services (CIPS).

Q: Tell us about CIPS. How big is the firm?

A: CIPS, LLC is my third start up, and was formed in direct response to the market demand created by the passing of I-502.  We have more than two dozen vendor partners, through which we are able to deliver a full spectrum of services – from structure to sales processes  — designed to meet the I 502 requirements.

Q: How do you service Washington’s I-502 business community?

A: I specialize in solving the security and operational needs of the I-502 community by offering a comprehensive offering than includes valued cohorts in areas requiring deep subject matter expertise.  The combination of my extensive knowledge in I- 502 and my legal and business cohorts make CIPS, LLC the easiest way for growers and retailers to navigate this new territory.

Q: How did you get into the cannabis industry?

A: I have over 15 years in wholesale horticulture, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and security protection.  That combination makes me uniquely qualified to assess and react to the demands of this new industry.

Q: CIPS recently stepped up its profile in Washington’s marijuana industry by becoming the title sponsor of the MJBA’s “Technology & Your Cannabis Business” summit in Seattle.  What role does technology play in the solutions that you provide?

A: Technology is the backbone of everything CIPS, LLC offers, I believe that with the right technology solutions, integrated seamlessly, growers and retailers can have the tools for visibility, tracking, and reporting taking the administrative burden way down.  And our technology integrates with our sales and security systems so owners can have higher confidence that their assets are protected while they move through the seed to sale process.