Latteno to Acquire Local Marijuana Co-Op, Valley Organics Inc.

CALIFORNIA: Latteno Food Corp. (OTC Pink: LATF) recently announced a new business plan that calls for acquisitions and growth in the Medical Marijuana Industry. In addition to its current operations and prior acquisition of California-licensed Green Cannabis Inc., the Company has formed new partnerships with various medical marijuana dispensaries and edibles that have resulted in LOI signing of a newly-formed Valley Organics Inc. in Southern California.

Valley Organics Corp. will focus its efforts on research/development and distribution the “Green Smoke” products along with Green Cannabis as announced in our previous press release. This new technology uses a microprocessor chip which controls the heating element and maintains the proper temperature needed to vaporize your concentrates and oils. It has the strategic advantage over conventional personal vaporizers that don’t reach or maintain the proper heat range needed for vaporizing concentrates effectively.

Based on extrapolations of Washington State’s Office of Financial Management, estimates that the total US marijuana marketplace could be as big as $46.42 billion per year if cannabis were legalized nationally. That does not include ancillaries such as hydroponics or paraphernalia, or services to the dispensary industry such as landlords, testing labs, security systems, insurance, advertising.

The legalization of medical marijuana in several states has paved the way for a budding edible medical marijuana industry and the Company is expanding into this exploding new marketplace of medical marijuana and cannabis edibles.

“We are pleased to make great progress in our recent acquisitions and growth in the medical marijuana market,” stated Thu Le, Chief Executive Officer. “With our combined joint efforts on both Valley Organics and Green Cannabis, we feel that we have the necessary manpower and resources to accomplish our near term goals and objectives. We’ll continue to fight a great battle to keep Latteno as a forefront runner in the Southern California medical marijuana marketplace with grand plans for national expansion very shortly. Our shareholders will be informed every step of the way as we accomplish our near/long term goals.”



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