Jamaica's First Medical Marijuana Firm To Open Next Week

JAMAICA: History is expected to be created next week when Jamaica’s first medical marijuana company, which is intended to be instrumental in extracting the medicinal value from the addictive elements of ganja, comes into being.

Internationally renowned Jamaican scientist Professor Henry Lowe, the brainchild behind the initiative, has high hopes for the use of medical marijuana in Jamaica.

“If we do not move on medical marijuana, we will be left behind,” Lowe told The Gleaner. “Since the turn of the 21st century, there has been increased recognition and public support for medical marijuana.”

Lowe plans to list the company on the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

“We are going to announce the establishment of a company that will produce and market medical marijuana. The formal announcement will take place on December 3, ahead of the launch of a book on the subject,” he said.

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