Is Marijuana Consumption on House Arrest in Colorado?

COLORADO: You’ve finally done it. You booked your trip. You’ve committed to that vacation you so desperately deserve. And you can smell the weed already.

At this point – you’re daydreaming about walking down the street and sparking up a joint or casually smoking a bowl with a group of friends at a coffee shop. And now, I’m about to crush that dream.

“Right now marijuana consumption is on house arrest.“ That’s what Edible Events founder Jane West told us when she took the America team on a marijuana tour around Denver.

“We need to answer this question so that people can go somewhere,” Jane explained. “There are thousands of tourists coming in every week for this purpose but there is actually nowhere in public they can legally consume it.”

West knows all about public consumption. Her company – Edible Events — orchestrates catered events that bring together cannabis consumers.

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