Introducing the Higher Ground Legal Stash Box! A Highly Curated Cannabis Collection

By Michael A. Stusser

Curated from legal markets across the country, the Higher Ground Legal Stash Box highlights the most amazing products and packaging in the burgeoning cannabis industry. Hand selected by Michael Stusser, host of Higher Ground TV, the items in each anthology represent the gold standard of legal offerings for cannabis connoisseurs!

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Notable selections in this month’s Higher Ground Legal Stash Box include:

The Leira Cannagar: CannaGars are small-batch cannabis cigars, using the finest flower from grower Gold Leaf Gardens. Each cigar is hand-rolled, and cured. The 6” Corona is full of 10 ounces of primo ganja, then covered in 3 grams of rosin oil – then wrapped in at least two layers of gorgeous, pure cannabis leaves, making it the most luxurious cigar on the market.

1964 Suppy Co. 1964 Supply Co. is collaborating with some of today’s most influential and emerging visual artists to create unique, limited-release collections of cannabis that celebrates craftsmanship, authenticity and innovation. The strain featured here is Grape OG (a cerebral high!) and was designed by muralist Tristan Eaton.

Beboe Sativa Vaporizer. Beboe is a luxury cannabis brand, and has been called the Hermes of Marijuana. The gorgeous rose gold pen comes in a glass test tube, with a letterpresses label in gold foil. The Beboe sativa blend vaporizer (“designed for social consumption”) has a terpene profile of pink grapefruit, making life…a bit warmer.

The Nuggy. The Nuggy is the Swiss Army Knife for potheads. The “Original Smoker’s Multi-Tool” includes scissors, a tamper, a pick/poker, and most importantly, a roach clip! (Now available in pink and blue!)

The Dose Pen. Dosist (previously hmbldt) gets as much hype as Tesla (and is barely less expensive). Their innovative delivery devices (aka pens) are scientifically designed and dialed in for consumers to get controlled and accurate doses. Best of all, the pen’s vibrates when you’ve gotten a premeasured dose. Formulas include Arouse, Calm, Bliss, Sleep, and our fav, Passion.

Bloom Farms PreRoll. Some of the most beautiful designs in cannabis come from Bloom Farms. Their strain-specific full-flower pre-roll cases could fit into an Art Deco coffee table book. It’s also cool that the company puts social responsibility in their mission statement, and pledges a meal for someone in need with every purchase.

Saints Joints. The Artist’s Series Pack is a five joint multi-strain sampler collection of all-organic first-rate flower. Each joint is specifically labeled (with strain names, THC/CBD levels) in the event you find a favorite for the future. The boxes were designed by Jeremy Fish, famous for his work with Upper Playground. Doesn’t hurt that their well-built boxes are printed on hemp and proceeds for their Limited Edition Pride Packs go to Equal Rights Washington.

Shine Gold Papers. The Shine Gold woven blunt is the most luxurious on the market, and makes you the hit of any party. Also perfect for damn fine Instagram pics. (Rhianna not included.) The edible 24K gold in this gorgeous blunt wrap actually stays in the ashes, fyi.

HiFi Farms. Named “The Coolest Cannabis Farm In Oregon” by Esquire Magazine, HiFi’s all-natural, Clean Green Certified growing methods result in products and experiences that create a lifting of the mind, body, and soul. Established in 2014, HiFi Farms is devoted to all things high fidelity – true, artistic expression, pure cultivation methods, and authentic flavors of all kinds. No doubt they grow the happiest, healthiest plants in the Universe.

While the Higher Ground Legal Stash Box is not available for purchase, there are several high end curated delivery boxes for sale, including Club M and PotBox.

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Stay tuned to MJ News Network where we will continue to curate the best in legal cannabis, and highlight the most innovative and elegant brands in upcoming Higher Ground Legal Stash Boxes.

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