Illinois Marijuana Cultivation Center Accepting Job Applications

ILLINOIS:  A medical marijuana cultivation center in southeastern Illinois has posted an employment application online and plans to participate in a job fair.

Barb Youngs of Ataraxia says the company initially will hire up to 30 employees to staff a planned 50,000-square-foot facility in Albion. It already has received more than 100 employment inquiries.

The company expects to provide training in Denver for some workers. Its website lists positions including growers, a trim technician and a supervisor of harvest quality. The job fair is scheduled April 1 at Frontier Community College in Fairfield.

Ataraxia is one of 18 corporations chosen by the state of Illinois to grow medical marijuana under a four-year pilot program. The Illinois Department of Agriculture oversees the cultivation side of the marijuana program.

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  1. Jason Franks says

    I have years of security and security supervisor experience. I live near Dwight and would love to get a job near my home. I currently drive an hour and a half one way to work

  2. Katherine Marma says

    I’m looking for PT work. I have a marketing degree and have also worked with the public in other jobs as well. This job would be perfect for me, only 15 mins away and I also am a patient & have been going to the Ottawa Dispensary since they opened. I am very familiar with your products as I have been around marijuana for at least 4 decades, long before they knew this would become a legal medical script for so many people with ailments that marijuana seems to improve, esp mine (arthritis, pancreatitis, depression & even emphysemia). I can work almost any hrs and any day and like I stated live very close. I hope you to hear from you soon. Thank You, Kathy

  3. Terry Field says

    I need a job. I would love to work with u at. Your Plant in Albion Illinois in not working now but yes I’m infested working with u


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