How Much Money Would Legal Marijuana Bring Ohio?

CBD and Legal Cannabis Market On the Rise

By Anne Saker

OHIO: Just how much money will Ohio rake in should voters approve Issue 3?  Right now, friends, the best I can find is some educated guesses because no one has implemented a limited-grow model for legal marijuana, as Issue 3 would establish. But the guesses do contain the word billion:

$2.26 billion: Total of retail sales of legal marijuana and marijuana products in 2020. This number comes from a task force assembled by the private investor group ResponsibleOhio, which drafted the proposed constitutional amendment that now is Issue 3. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters led the task force.

The task force report also estimated the 10 farms growing the commercial crop would make $1.1 billion in 2020, and the processors – the middle men – would pull in $726,760,994. The numbers were vetted by the Cleveland economic analysis firm of Burke Rosen.

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