How Might Wyoming Follow Colorado Pot Legislation?

WYOMING:  Tomorrow Colorado will set a new U.S. standard for the production, sale and use of marijuana.

As of Jan. 1, the Centennial State becomes the first in the nation to allow the legal sale, purchase and use of pot for recreational purposes.

But what will that mean for its neighbors to the north, where marijuana remains illegal? And will Colorado’s relaxed laws change the way Wyomingites approach it?

Rachel Gillette certainly thinks so. Gillette is the executive director of the Colorado wing of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. She believes that while Colorado and Washington took huge steps last year in approving marijuana legalization through voter-driven initiatives, theirs may be just the first in a series of such movements

“I definitely think that Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana and medical marijuana will impact perceptions all over the United States,” Gillette said. “I do think there will be people coming from every state in the United States to Colorado to legally purchase and enjoy marijuana.”

With Wyoming’s largest city just 10 miles north of the Colorado border and less than two hours from the nearest legal pot dispensary, it’s all but certain that at least some locals will take advantage of Colorado’s relaxed stance on marijuana. But the question remains whether Colorado’s stance will lead to changes in the way Wyoming approaches the drug.

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