Here's How Many Pot Shops Will Open In Denver After Weed Is Legal

COLORADO:  As few as five to ten Denver-area pot shops may be allowed to start selling recreational weed when Colorado’s landmark law goes into effect on January 1, despite more than 100 businesses waiting for approval from the city.

Dispensary owners say they’re facing delays that could prevent a vast majority of shops from being able to sell retail marijuana to adults 21-and-over come the new year.

“It has been very frustrating from a multitude of angles working with Denver City and County, the various departments within the government,” Toni Fox, owner of 3D Cannabis Center in Denver, told The Huffington Post. “Right now what’s happening is there are a few of us that have had all of our T’s crossed and I’s dotted since day one and we’re ready, but there’s just this delay.”

Fox, whose application has received approval for recreational marijuana sales, said she has been trying to get an inspection for about two weeks, but finally got the appointment set up on Monday.

“There’s a sense of frustration and a feeling amongst industry people that we have an adversary city government trying to implement a program that they don’t want,” she added.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s spokeswoman Amber Miller told The Denver Post that the inspection cards are issued immediately after a positive hearing result and the city departments “promptly implemented the new regulatory system — concurrent with the state system — after the ordinance was passed mid-September.”

But Fox remains skeptical of Mayor Hancock’s intent for the pot shops. Hancock has been a vocal opponent of both marijuana legalization and Amendment 64, which voters passed in November 2012 and makes recreational marijuana legal to sell and possess in the state.

“He’s never been a supporter of the industry from day one,” Fox said. “I feel like we’re fighting against a city government that doesn’t want us even though the constituents have voted us in. It’s very frustrating.”

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