Herbonomics: Looking at Portland, OR Cannabis Licensing Trends

By Beau Whitney

OREGON: In advance of my talk this week at the CCC Show in Portland, I want to share an analysis I put together on the City of Portland, Office of Neighborhood Involvement Marijuana Licensing.

I initially reported on this in a press release of a white paper published on 12/12/16. Although there has been some movement on the retail side, not much movement has been made in the other categories.

I tracked the number of additional licenses issued for non-medical licenses since 10/10/16. I also listed the percentage of licenses issued versus applications submitted.

Over the past four months, there have been 3 new producer licenses issued, 4 processing and 5 wholesaler licenses. The change in the ordinance helped retailers with an increase of 47 new licenses since the ordinance change.

Percentage of Total Licenses Issued versus Applications Issued.

  • Retailers:             34.4%
  • Producer:            6.4%
  • Processors:         4.9%
  • Wholesalers       14.0%

Given that only 12 new non retail licenses have been issued in four months, this is an indicator that some additional reform is needed. Although it is in Portland, this can impact the entire Oregon industry.

The data speaks volumes. How is it that only 16 non retail marijuana licenses have been issued in four months. This is creating extreme economic hardship for many businesses.

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