GrowCo Partners 2 Completes Land Purchase

Issues 50% Ownership to Two Rivers

COLORADO: GrowCo Partners 2 completed the purchase of approximately 40 acres of land at 39335 Harbour Road, Avondale, Colorado, the development site for GrowCo’s second greenhouse and an extraction facility. GCP 2 expects to complete its second greenhouse facility before the end of 2016.

In conjunction with completing the land purchase, GCP 2 issued Two Rivers Water and Farming Company 5,100,000 common membershIp interests in GCP 2 representing 50% of the economic interest in GCP 2. GrowCo agreed, as part of the founding and development of GrowCo, to issue Two Rivers a 50% economic interest in each greenhouse facility until GrowCo becomes a public entity.

About GrowCo

GrowCo was formed for the purpose of constructing state-of-the-art computer-controlled greenhouses for licensed marijuana growers. GrowCo is not a licensed marijuana grower or retailer. GrowCo does not “touch the plant” and only provides growing infrastructure for licensed marijuana tenants.

About Two Rivers

Two Rivers assembles its water assets by acquiring irrigated farmland with senior water rights. Two Rivers current farm operations convert feed crop farmland into fruit and vegetable crop production in Pueblo County, Colorado. In November 2012, Colorado legalized the personal use and cultivation of marijuana. As a result, Two Rivers is providing greenhouses and processing facilities for licensed marijuana growers in Colorado on land with water rights not used for fruit and vegetable crop production.


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