Freedom Leaf Goes Dutch: Licenses Brand To The Netherlands

NEVADA: Freedom Leaf  is going Dutch. The publicly traded cannabis media company has entered into an exclusive license with a Netherlands-based concern for use the Freedom Leaf Brand, including the right to publish Freedom Leaf Magazine in Dutch in the Netherlands.

According to a company press release, Freedom Leaf, Netherlands, BV will also distribute branded products and services and will identify emerging opportunities to bring under the Freedom Leaf umbrella in the US and the Netherlands.

Mr. Mario Louis Sylvester Lap is the Managing Director of Freedom Leaf, Netherlands, BV. Mr. Lap is a graduate from Open Universiteit Nederland, BS, Law and currently has affiliations with the following organizations: Drugtext Foundation, Foundation on Drug Policy and Human Rights & MLS LAP BV, RJM and MJR Holding Companies.

Freedom Leaf co-founder and 45 year Marijuana Legalization Activist Richard C. Cowan said of his relationship, “I have known Mario Lap for over twenty years, and there is no one in Europe who knows the drug reform world better than Mario.”

Freedom Leaf, Inc. has drawn interest from potential overseas licensees seeking access to its brand, its editorial content, ability to put on events, along with premium products and services under its banner. “We’re a magnet to attract mergers and acquisitions, incubation of new companies and spinoffs,” said Cliff PerryCEO of Freedom Leaf, Inc. “Our news, media, entertainment platforms and other properties raise awareness for investors and seed more potential deals.”

Freedom Leaf is in talks to license its brand, products and services in three additional European countries. “The negotiations continue to be very positive,” Perry said. “We’re in discussions with two additional companies in what promises to be a meaningful endeavor to speed our growth.” The license will allow licensees to market and publish Freedom Leaf Magazine in their countries, while offering website advertising, products, business and consulting services, seminars, musical festivals and other branded products and services.

“The finalization of these International contracts will substantially benefit Freedom Leaf, Inc.’s shareholders through revenue and an overseas footprint,” Perry said.

With its flagship publication, Freedom Leaf’s presence has been felt nationally as it eyes more success while approaching the milestone of one million copies in circulation by 2017. Teaming up with NORMLssdpWomenGrow, and MJBA and with hundreds of thousands of activist marketers spreading “The Good News in Marijuana Reform™,” Freedom Leaf taps into the emerging industry’s cutting edge information, innovation and legislation around cannabis, medical marijuana and industrial hemp, as well as the latest arts, fashion, financial and lifestyle trends.

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