Fox Guest Unloads Over NASCAR For Allowing ‘Horrible’ Pro-Marijuana Ad To Air At Event

NEW YORK:  Bishop Brad Allen, a frequent Fox News Channel guest and substance addiction recovery advocate, appeared on Fox & Friends on Monday where he exploded over a pro-marijuana advertisement which aired on mobile screen at a recent NASCAR event.

Allen called the ad “horrible” and suggested the firm which produced the ad be sued for false advertisement. He wondered if NSACAR could also be culpable for having colluded with the firm that produced the pro-Marijuana ad.

The ad in question, produced by Marijuana Project, claimed that the intoxicating substance is “less harmful than alcohol.” It claimed also that marijuana contains no calories, does not result in hangovers, and is not associated with violent or self-endangering behaviors.

“I have to first tell you this ad is certainly outright fabrication, misleading,” Allen began. “And Marijuana Project should be sued for false advertisement.”

“What a horrible thing to do and NASCAR claiming they missed this,” he continued. “We are really wondering if they could have been in cahoots with this advertisement.”

“Very, very bad – very, very bad thing to happen,” Allen opined.

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