Fox Guest Unloads Over NASCAR For Allowing ‘Horrible’ Pro-Marijuana Ad To Air At Event

NEW YORK:  Bishop Brad Allen, a frequent Fox News Channel guest and substance addiction recovery advocate, appeared on Fox & Friends on Monday where he exploded over a pro-marijuana advertisement which aired on mobile screen at a recent NASCAR event.

Allen called the ad “horrible” and suggested the firm which produced the ad be sued for false advertisement. He wondered if NSACAR could also be culpable for having colluded with the firm that produced the pro-Marijuana ad.

The ad in question, produced by Marijuana Project, claimed that the intoxicating substance is “less harmful than alcohol.” It claimed also that marijuana contains no calories, does not result in hangovers, and is not associated with violent or self-endangering behaviors.

“I have to first tell you this ad is certainly outright fabrication, misleading,” Allen began. “And Marijuana Project should be sued for false advertisement.”

“What a horrible thing to do and NASCAR claiming they missed this,” he continued. “We are really wondering if they could have been in cahoots with this advertisement.”

“Very, very bad – very, very bad thing to happen,” Allen opined.

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  1. luis says

    It wasn’t false advertisment…it was the truth..people are so ignorant…he needs to get out of his own way and open his eyes!

  2. fantasticalice says

    You wait till you get cancer then you better hope somebody like ME comes around to ease your pain…on yeah, you’d rather have morphine. What a JOKE these people are. As a Hospice nurse, there is no finer “helper” on this planet! You can grow it yourself. This is amazing medicine for our older folks! Do you have any idea how many drugs they pump into our old people? Our children? No wonder this planet is a mess, our ancestors are pissed! Let me sit down with this yahoo for 10 minutes…where is he? In the insane asylums? Has he even SEEN an insane asylum? If someone is “addicted” to cannabis then something else is at play, don’t blame the cannabis!

    • mecos says

      It isn’t going to make a difference how long you talk to Allen in an effort to change his mind on cannabis. He doesn’t have a mind to change.

  3. UnionmemberinLivonia says

    The very first thing wrong with him is that he is a frequent Fox News guest! Go figure. Obviously he must live under a very large rock somewhere. it sound to me that the man has no clue what he is talking about. And congratulations to NASCAR for their forward thinking for even airing the spot. Good Job guys. In case no one is noticing, there is a Marijuana Revolution going on right now. Washington state and Colorado have done the right thing and stepped up to the plate and legalized it for recreational use. Its only a matter of time before the rest of the states come around as well. Lets keep this ball rolling! Get it? Rolling LOL

  4. Andy says

    This article is an outrage. This man has basically went on television and based his opinions off the decades-old “Reefer Madness” mentality. Marijuana does not give you a hangover, it is much safer than alcohol. I’ve never smoked a joint and woke up the next morning clueless as to how I made it home. Are you kidding me!? This story is a complete fabrication that, in my opinion, was generated by those who would like nothing more than to deviate conversations about marijuana away from it’s medicinal attributes, focusing solely on myths surrounding it’s recreational use. Take it from a guy who has made a career out of substance abuse; your hydrocodone, your oxycodone, your Xanax, your soma, your morphine, all your synthetic drugs including anti-depressants, cooked up in a lab and designed to alter chemicals in your brain, this is where the problems lie. Not with marijuana. And to say that alcohol, which has been proven to cause cancer of the liver, is safer or less intoxicating, is an outright lie and evidence of continued attempts to suppress information about cannibas and it’s many benefits. Plant vs. man made chemicals? I know my choice, what’s yours?

  5. Jerry Bierens says

    What a stupid response to an ad that is long overdue. This information should be taught in schools so our young people grow up in an atmosphere of truth NOT false claims that have been disproved time and again. Screw the churches and all the other organisations that would perpetuate these lies. There are so many unexplored medical purposes for this miracle plant and I repeat miracle plant because isn’t that what the churches want you to believe in? Miracles? They would do more good if they would just kept their mouths shut if they can’t see the truth.

  6. Revolution is here. says

    Hey Allen Go fuck yourself. Then read up on the benefits of The hemp plant and the healing properties of the cannabis plant.. And then if we want your professional scientific opinion …. Well we wont ask.

  7. Brown Sugar says

    This is why a lot of people hate Fox News. This was about their beliefs not most of ours. One sided and unfair. I am very upset over this and it is not the first time that Fox News has cut down marijuana. Bill O’Reilly puts down marijuana every chance he gets. This is what they call fair reporting , nothing fair about it at all. And maybe that black guy should be sued for all the lies he told about marijuana.

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