Former Colorado Prison Proposed For Marijuana Growing Business

COLORADO:  A former medium-security prison turned marijuana grow house and pot shop? Nicholas Erker’s dream could become a reality, but first, residents of Brush in northeastern Colorado would have to come around to his idea.

The irony of a prison-turned-marijuana facility isn’t lost on Erker, the lifelong agriculture professional who remembers the if-you-build-it-they-will-come moment that first inspired him to create a cannabusiness.

“I was walking through the empty (prison) one day by myself and I thought, ‘This place would be perfect to grow marijuana,’ ” said Erker, the vice president of Fort Morgan-based Erker Grain Company who hopes to open a marijuana cultivation facility and recreational pot shop in the 60,000-square-foot former prison at 901 Industrial Park Road in Brush. “There’s plenty of water, lots of electricity, it’s built of precast, 8-inch concrete walls, ceilings and floors, it’s in an industrial park away from the population and it’s surrounded by 25- to 30-foot exterior fences with razor wire on top — and there’s also an interior fence.

“You’re not going to get more secure than this.”

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