Evergreen Herbal’s Marco Hoffman VIP Presenter At MJBA Job Fair

WASHINGTON:  The cannabis industry is on fire, pun intended, and with it comes employment opportunities for everyone from cannabis connoisseur to novice.  This Saturday’s MJBA Job Fair is a one-stop shop for those seeking employment in the growing industry.  Evergreen Herbal, a premier Washington based medibles and smokeless alternatives producer, is looking to fill three positions at the event:

  • Kitchen staff: bakers, chocolatiers, and packagers
  • Office: admin/bookkeeper
  • Sales: inside and outside sales

Marco Hoffman, CEO of Evergreen Herbal, will be speaking about these positions and the industry as a whole at the event on Saturday September 27th, 2014.  Don’t have experience growing cannabis or making medicated chocolate bars?  No problem.  “Even though we are in the cannabis industry, we are still looking to employ professional people,” Marco said.   “The industry is so young that of course we are going to have employees who don’t have experience working with cannabis.  That’s okay.  Having a strong sales background selling car parts can set you up to be a great medibles sales rep.”  Marco and other cannabis companies are hopeful they will be able to hire cannabis-friendly and qualified job seekers this weekend.