Edible Marijuana May Soon Come Labeled With A Red Stop Sign

even though you’re clearly turning out pretzels, assorted cookies, glazed pecans, chili lime peanuts, cheese biscuits, caramel corn, and fudge brownies for retail sales, your manufacturing facilities and products are not subject to any state or federal food laws, regulations, or inspections. Not for now, anyway.

COLORADO: The state is finalizing work on new rules for the appearance of edible marijuana. A draft of those rules released Tuesday would require each piece of edible marijuana to be marked in the shape of a stop sign with the letters THC in the middle. The letters stand for marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient.

The rules would also prohibit any edible marijuana maker from using the word “candy” on the label.

The rules now go to a public hearing. Marijuana regulators in Colorado have until January to implement a 2014 law requiring edible marijuana to have a distinct look when outside its packaging. The law was passed after reports of people accidentally eating foods infused with marijuana.

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