Dutch Maker Of Medical Marijuana Considers Supplying Canada

CANADA:  A Dutch company is interested in supplying marijuana to Canada’s medical pot users, a service currently provided by a Saskatoon company with an operation in Flin Flon, Man., near the Saskatchewan border.

Bedrocan B.V. has been producing medical-grade marijuana for the government of the Netherlands for six years. The company is contemplating bidding for a similar contract with Canada.

The federal government recently extended a contract with Prairie Plant Systems, the company behind the Flin Flon plant, to 2011. In the meantime, it has called for contract bids from other potential suppliers.Bedrocan is contemplating submitting a bid but is asking the government for more details, including the length of any contract.

The Dutch company said it could offer different types of marijuana.

“Offering more varieties is the first thing,” Bedrocan director Tjalling Erkelens said this week from Veendam. “I think that’s very important to patients, that they have this possibility to choose different varieties.”


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