Diego Pellicer's Jamen Shively Goes Public With Plandai Biotechnology, Inc.

WASHINGTON:  If Plandai Biotechnology  investors liked the idea of Diego Pellicer co-founder Jamen Shively working with the company from the outside, then they’ll love the idea that he’s now on the inside of this public biotech.  Shively, a former Microsoft executive turned marijuana entrepreneur, has gone public being named to the Board of Directors at Plandai.

His experience at Microsoft alone makes this a great business move, but the media’s attraction to Shively’s confident approach to capturing 40 percent of the worldwide marijuana market makes his addition inside any public company a really big deal. Hopefully Plandai is prepared for the media frenzy that is likely to occur when the national press that showed up en masse to his 2013 press conference, learns of Shively’s appointment to the Board.

Plandai recently completed a deal with Diego Pellicer, Inc. that allows it to market its Phytofare(TM) Cannabis extracts under the Diego Pellicer Gold brand, so it makes a lot of sense to Roger Duffield, CEO of Plandai, to have Jamen Shively spearheading that branding process from inside the company.  “Jamen brings a wealth of experience in both engineering and branding to Plandai not to mention his bold leadership in the Cannabis field.”

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