Dialing For Dollars: Vanity Phone Numbers For Marijuana Businesses

NEW YORK: A leading provider of vanity toll-free and local phone numbers, RingBoost, has announced the availability of special vanity phone numbers for marijuana businesses. The recent legalization of marijuana around the country has led to steep competition in this booming industry. Vanity phone numbers provide instant credibility and brand recognition in a way no other market tool can.

“The immediate goal for local brick-and-mortar businesses is to generate more phone calls and more foot traffic,” said Paul Faust, a senior vice president for business development at RingBoost. “This is as true for marijuana businesses as it is for any other business. More phone calls means more chances to earn new customers. Industry research has shown that phone leads convert ten times more often than web leads into paying customers, which means marijuana businesses who make use of a branded phone number such as 541-YES-WEED will have a tremendous competitive advantage in their markets.”

RingBoost is currently offering a variety of options for marijuana dispensaries, including local phone number options in four or seven digits in most local area codes (e.g. 541-383-WEED, 541-YES-WEED), and powerful toll-free options, including 1-800-CANNABIS, which is available for exclusive use in individual markets in states where marijuana is legal.

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