Despite Objections, Medical Marijuana Ordinance In Muskegon Moving Forward

MICHIGAN:  Despite objections from medical marijuana caregivers, Muskegon‘s proposed medical marijuana ordinance has the support of commissioners who put off a formal vote on it until next month.

Most of about a dozen medical marijuana caregivers and patients who attended the Muskegon City Commission work session earlier this week objected to the proposed amendment to the ordinance. They protested the fees that dispensaries and growers must pay to the city, they didn’t like the idea of having to register with the city and they didn’t want city officials inspecting their grow operations.

City officials pointed out that the proposed changes to the “marihuana” ordinance include an expansion of areas where caregivers and dispensaries can operate. As currently written, the ordinance restricts such “facilities” to heavy industrial zones in the city. The proposed amendment would allow for them to locate in most business, governmental and industrial zones.


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