Despite Challenges, Medical Marijuana A Thriving Business

ARIZONA:  There was a time when the selling of marijuana would only be found in the crime section of the paper, not the business section, but no more. Legal marijuana, for both medicinal and recreational purposes, is now big business.

It is a strange business in that it is still technically illegal at the federal level, yet legal at the state level. Every state and municipality has its own rules and regulations. In Arizona, it is still a cash-only business, which presents its own set of challenges.

All dispensaries are different. Some have a very clinical look that resemble a pharmacy or doctor’s office. Others, like Desert Bloom on the east side, leave little doubt about their purpose. Walk inside desert bloom and you will see bright colors and images of marijuana leaves and buds are prevalent. 

Desert Bloom has been open for just over two years and has maintained a customer-centric philosophy and employs a staff that is primarily individuals who are also medical marijuana patients.

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