Denver Council to Settle 39 Issues Around New Retail Pot Framework

Ralph Morgan helps customers find the strain of marijuana they want at Organa Labs in Denver on March 19, 2013. The Denver City Council is debating how laws governing retail marijuana shops will impact dispensaries.

COLORADO: With legislation pending on whether to ask Denver voters to approve a 5 percent tax on retail marijuana sales, the Denver City Council on Monday will consider setting a host of rules and regulations for the new industry.

The council meets Monday afternoon in a special committee to settle 39 issues to set up the framework of retail marijuana in the city.

The issues to be discussed include:

• Should the city allow only outright conversion of medical-marijuana dispensaries into retail stores and not allow co-location or shared space?

• Should public hearings be required for conversion or co-location of dispensaries into retail stores?

• Should the city set specific hours for the retail shops to operate?

Read full article @ The Denver Post

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