Curt’s Cannabis Corner: “Branding Bud” Author David A. Paleschuck




Branding Bud Author 

David A. Paleschuck

By Curt Robbins


Author David Paleschuck, a mainstream marketer who honed his craft working on mega brands like Pepsi, American Express and Microsoft has been involved in creating and marketing some of today’s leading cannabis brands (including DOPE). His new book, “Branding Bud: The Commercialization of Cannabis” is a must-read primer for any professional involved in product creation, branding, packaging, marketing or retailing.

This week on Curt’s Cannabis Corner, host Curt Robbins sat down with David Paleschuck (virtually), along with an international assemblage of marketing, branding and PR professionals ( Alana Armstrong, Alan Aldous, Toronto; Wesley Donohue, The 9th Block, Denver; Colleen Kibler, Maple Valley Pharms, Waterville, Maine; and David Rheins, MJNews, Seattle) to discuss the mainstreaming of marijuana, the emergence of grassroots canna brands, The 14 Cannabis Brand Archetypes and how Big Tobacco, Big Alcohol, Big Pharma and Big Retail are changing the dynamic marketplace.

With Altria, Amazon and Canopy Growth all in the news this week, the subject of the commercialization of cannabis could not be more topical.

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