Curaleaf New Jersey Launches State’s First And Only Line Of Strain Specific Pure Cannabis Vape Concentrates

NEW JERSEY: Curaleaf New Jersey, a provider of state licensed cannabinoid-based products, today launched a new line of natural, terpene rich, strain specific, vaporable cannabis concentrates for patients of its Bellmawr dispensary. The first in New Jersey to manufacture products in this category, Curaleaf continues to set the industry standard by expanding its already-diverse medical cannabis product offerings. This new product line will help Curaleaf continue to provide quality care by offering a delivery form that addresses specific patient needs.

The newly-launched product is available initially in four varieties, Lavender, Strawberry Cough, Cookies and Canna-Tsu, all made with nothing but NJ Department of Health approved pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extract, strain specific cannabis and naturally derived terpenes. The product comes in the form of vaporizer cartridges and will soon be available in convenient disposable vape pens as well. Formulated by the Curaleaf team, these products are developed at the company’s cultivation and laboratory facility in Bellmawr using advanced extraction and processing techniques for the purest oil and most robust strain terpenes. The products are tested to ensure each cartridge has a standardized amount of THC and or CBD for a consistent patient experience.

“Receiving approval to launch these products is an important milestone in the progression of Curaleaf’s operations as well as in New Jersey’s medical cannabis program,” said George Schidlovsky, Curaleaf New Jersey’s president. “As the largest dispensary on the East Coast, serving hundreds of patients daily, Curaleaf has the resources and production capacity to reliably market and distribute new products that our patients depend on to live life well.”

“These concentrates, which surpass the state’s high standards of quality, provide an alternative method of administration for patients who may not be able to benefit from topical or oral forms of medical cannabis,” said Schidlovsky. “Vaporizing cannabis concentrate is considered a healthier alternative to smoking, and is a fast-acting form of administration. I look forward to seeing the positive effect it has on Curaleaf’s patients in New Jersey.”

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