Colorado Tightens Marijuana Rules

Aside from safety and health training, new rules also will normalize the amount of marijuana found in any edible — ensuring that a single serving size has no more than 10 milligrams of active THC

COLORADO:  Medical and retail marijuana dispensaries will receive about 30 new rules related to almost every aspect of their businesses.

The state Marijuana Enforcement Division, or MED, released the new rules Thursday, Sept. 24. The rules change everything from the startup licensing fees, to rules for cultivation, production, edibles, sales, employee training and product testing. Right down to a hand-washing requirement.

State officials have contended that Colorado’s new recreational marijuana industry is a work in progress, and these new standards underscore that fact.

“I think the new rules make a lot of sense,” said Mark Slaugh, CEO of iComply, a cannabis industry compliance and consulting firm. “We’re putting out consumer education and teaching business owners and workers how to be responsible vendors. From a business decision, it’s a no-brainer.”


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