Colorado Struggles To Adjust Marijuana Supply As Pot Industry Matures

COLORADO:  Colorado’s pot regulators are trying to make sure the state’s marijuana growers aren’t producing more pot than they can legally sell — a hedge against Colorado-grown pot ending up in states where it’s not legal.

But a new set of marijuana production standards up for public review Tuesday sparked a lively debate and highlighted growing divisions between deep-pocketed industry veterans and people trying to get started in the legal weed business.

The production rules are being revised because Colorado once limited pot-growers to the number of medical marijuana patients they served.

When the market opened to all adults over 21 in January, those production caps stayed in place as regulators feared a market flooded with more pot than they could regulate. But the result has been a pot market so limited that marijuana can sell for nearly $500 an ounce, far more expensive than black-market prices. Those prices don’t include taxes that can exceed 30 percent in some jurisdictions.


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