Colorado Skiers Face New Marijuana Rules

COLORADO: Two weeks into the Colorado ski season, slopes have split in response to skiers and snowboarders toking on the hill.

Marijuana smokers could lose their ski passes or receive an indifferent shrug depending on where they hit the slopes this winter. For some, the different policies could add to the confusion that has followed Colorado’s legalization of recreational pot.

As in real estate, location is everything.

“One resort, like A-Basin, may ask them to leave, the next may call law enforcement,” said Dave Byrd, director of risk and regulatory affairs at the National Ski Areas Association. “That is going to vary a little bit, how they do that.”

Two weeks ago, Arapahoe Basin Chief Operating Officer Alan Henceroth revoked two visitors’ passes after he found them smoking on the slopes. He wrote a blog post on the incident, which served as a reminder that smoking pot in public — or on public lands — remains illegal.

“For the people who like to use it, that is awesome, but it’s not legal to use it in public,” Henceroth said.

Amendment 64 does not allow marijuana consumption “conducted openly and publicly or in a manner that endangers others.”

“We’re one of those public places,” Henceroth said.


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