Colorado Retail Marijuana Applications Pouring In

COLORADO: Eisa Khoury, part owner of three medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, waited patiently Thursday for confirmation that the state had accepted his applications for non medical retail sales of pot.

Khoury is among a handful of pioneers poised to launch the marijuana revolution Jan. 1, when retail stores will open in the state.

If all goes as planned, on New Year’s Day anyone 21 or older can walk into a store and walk out with their choice of up to an ounce of Bubba Kush, White Rhino or other preferred strains of cannabis. Non-Colorado residents will have to settle for a quarter ounce under state law.

“It’s a huge movement, and I think all eyes are on Colorado, so hopefully the industry will collectively lead the way in the U.S. and show everybody that legalization is worth it,” Khoury said. “This is unprecedented. We’re definitely making history.”

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