Colorado Releases Marijuana Sales Rule Book

COLORADO: Colorado has codified final rules for recreational marijuana businesses in a 136-page report, in anticipation of its legalization of marijuana in January.

The rules, released Monday, cover licensing, inventory tracking, advertising and an assortment of other requirements, the most comprehensive effort of any state to date to take the marijuana market and turn it into a controlled and legitimate industry, The Denver Post said.

The rules are designed to “create a robust regulatory and enforcement environment that protects public safety,” the Colorado Department of Revenue, which will oversee the industry, wrote in its cover letter.

Among the rules, all marijuana stores, cultivation and manufacturers will be licensed, paying fees of as much as $14,000. Until October 2014 recreational marijuana stores must grow nearly all the marijuana they sell, and the state’s online tracking system must be used to document the product’s journey from cultivation to processing to sale.


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