Colorado Pot Shops Banned From Advertising

COLORADO:  The legalization of recreational pot in Colorado means big business, and with big business comes cutthroat competition and the desperate need for cost effective advertising. However, many marijuana marketers are finding out that their advertising dollars are worthless in the commercial world, as many new media outlets simply will not allow businesses dealing in cannabis to promote their products online.

Even though legitimate marijuana commerce has reportedly generated a million dollars a day since opening for business at the beginning of this year, digital media monsters like Google and Twitter are so far refusing to capitalize on and support this newfound industry by allowing weed merchants to purchase sponsored ad searches or post tweets.

Advertising experts say that until the entire industry has a reasonable level of clarity in regards to the regulations surrounding marijuana marketing, “potrepreneurs,” are on their own. But once the rules of the game are clear, the public can expect to witness the first wave of mainstream marijuana marketing, featuring celebrities “known for their open marijuana views like Woody Harrelson,” said Jarrod Moses, CEO of United Entertainment Group, in a recent article in AdWeek.

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