Colorado Is Using Tax Revenue From Marijuana Sales To Fund Substance Abuse Programs In Schools

COLORADO:  Colorado has started distributing the tax revenue collected from the sale of legalized marijuana and funneling it back out into public programs aimed at preventing, treating, and regulating pot use.

The state announced last week that 11 school districts that had applied for grants would receive nearly $1 million in funding from marijuana tax revenues, with the state promising more than $1.5 million to future applicants. These grants will go towards hiring school nurses, social workers, and psychologists to help prevent and treat substance abuse among students, according to the Denver Post.

Much of the remaining revenue is being distributed to substance abuse treatment programs, school construction, and training and equipment for law enforcement agencies to deal with marijuana-specific problems, including driving while under the influence of marijuana, according to a bill passed by the legislature earlier this year. That the revenue from legalized pot is being directly used to prevent pot use and abuse was exactly the intent of lawmakers, according to one of the bill’s sponsors, Democratic State Senator Pat Steadman.


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