CNN Attempting to Shut Down Gupta Kush

"It would be immoral not to allow our children to get medicine that could in many cases be life-saving," said Glenn, a Baltimore Democrat.

NEW YORK: Last week we reported that Boulder-based Helping Hands Dispensary had named a new organic strain medical marijuana after Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who recently made a very public reversal regarding his stance on the pros of cannabis.

Evidently, 24 hours after the Helping Hands press release was published, CNN contacted the dispensary demanding they stop sales of Gupta Kush.

“We may have to change the name,” owner Jeff Kless told  “CNN phoned us and asked us to remove it. I think we’ll leave it alone for the weekend and see what happens.”

No word yet as to whether CNN followed through with an actually cease and desist order.


Read full article @ High Times

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