Classing Up the Joint: Posh Pot Startups Cashing in on Reefer Madness

NEW YORK: WeWork, a co-working space on Little West 12th Street, is a warren of glassed-in office cubicles populated by aggressively branded startups with names like… Strike Force and Savage. Rodawg is quite like the other young design and marketing businesses there, except that the product it centers around is illegal in the state of New York.

Founder Josh Gordon wants Rodawg to be for weed what “Billabong is for the surfing industry.”

“Hopefully these will not be perceived as just the run-of-the-mill smoking products for stoners, but rather something that investment bankers, doctors, lawyers and the people getting bottle service at clubs will relate to,” he said, referring to his designs for a gold-plated joint case, a grinder shaped like a pepper mill and a cannabis prep kit modeled after an upscale cocktail set.

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