Canterbury Group Launches Jamaican Brew House, All Natural Cannabis Beverage Company

CAYMAN ISLANDS: Canterbury Group, a global investment firm with $6 billion of assets under management and custody, announced today the launch of Jamaican Brew House, a Jamaican-based cannabis beverage company that produces all-natural products for the health-conscious consumer who wants the benefits of CBD and THC.

Unlike others cannabis beverage companies that use a synthetic method to add in THC or CBD to existing products, Jamaican Brew House is the first and only company to use a patent-pending botanical process to naturally create a neutral base that offers both therapeutic benefits and delicious flavor. The base is produced from cannabis that is locally harvested and refined in Jamaica.

“We are excited to officially announce the launch of Jamaican Brew House and introduce our proprietary new botanical process to the beer industry,” said Erin Winczura, Founder and CEO of Canterbury Group, Jamaican Brew House’s parent company. “We saw a need in today’s current marketplace to create a great tasting and natural cannabis product that could also be commercially distributed.”

Backed by a leadership team with over five decades of beverage experience, Jamaican Brew House’s cannabis beverages will include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers, ciders and seltzers. Jaime Jurado, industry veteran and former International President of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas, serves as Jamaican Brew House’s brewmaster, leading product development.

With test production underway, Jamaican Brew House plans to release cannabis-infused beers, ciders and seltzers through commercial distribution in Canada, Jamaica and other international countries where it is legal by early 2020. Jamaican Brew House will create two different blends, one with CBD made from hemp, which contains only 0.3% THC, and one made from marijuana plants, which has a higher concentration of THC.

Jamaican Brew House is a portfolio company of Canterbury Group. For more information about Canterbury Group, please visit

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