Cannabis Employers Seek Workers Of Weed At Seattle Job Fair Sat, Sept 27th

WASHINGTON: Hundreds of job seekers will join dozens of employers as the first crop of Washington’s legal cannabis businesses go to market at “Job Fair Seattle,” presented by the Marijuana Business Association (MJBA) and cannabis industry job board

“More than 70% of Washington’s legal marijuana businesses are planning to hire, according to our MJ Research report,” said David Rheins, MJBA CEO and founder.  “The new industry is predicted to create more than 35,000 new high paying jobs in the next year — agricultural jobs, retail jobs, warehousing and transportation jobs, sales jobs, security, legal, accounting and technology.  The Green Rush is expected to reinvigorate communities around the state.”

Vendors at the industry event will include many of Washington State’s top employers who are actively seeking to fill immediate openings in the fast-growing recreational  marijuana, medical cannabis and industrial hemp industries.

“Bring your resume — or better yet, sign up for a free profile —  and come for a full day of job hunting tools, tips. training, and  face-to-face time with employers seeking to fill immediate openings,” said David Bernstein, CEO of

“We are very excited to be a Founding Corporate Member of the MJBA and to work with the “chamber of commerce of cannabis” to sponsors these events as an onramp for anyone interested in working in the legal marijuana industry,”  Bernstein said.

When: September 27th, 2014

Where: Red Lion Hotel, 11211 Main Street, Bellevue, WA 98004

Who Should Attend: Cannabis Industry Employers, Recruiters, and Job Seekers

Advanced Admission: $20; $25 Day of Show



  1. Marshall says

    so..let me get this straight….you have to pay in order to try and get a job? and yet Bernstien says that there are hundreds of jobs? who is collecting the $20/25???

    • Concerned Industry Specialist says

      Those who fail to see that both the MJBA and weed hire are both simply trying to fill a niche, they really bring nothing to the table other than bland comments regarding ‘business’.

      I suggest you attend their free meetings and do your own diligence, however, like many associations, the hype is as ridiculous as the idea that we need such an organization to ’round us all together’.

      I’d rather not be on the front page of the b.s. news, personally. And I’m up there.

  2. Brian says

    Who ever heard of paying to attend a job fair?

    Sounds like somebody wants to profit from this other than employers looking for good employees and job hunters looking for good employers to work for.

    If any sellers need a security officer, then contact me at my email address and I will submit you my resume!

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