Cannabis Cup Highlights Marijuana’s Latest Products, Policy Developments

COLORADO:  With 420 approaching, it’s time for our annual reminder: Don’t do anything that might bring shame to Denver, Colorado, or marijuana legalization in general.

This weekend’s Cannabis Cup, a trade show for those in, or interested in, the bud industry, is doing its part to keep the jackassery to a minimum by disallowing and sales or giveaways of weed-related intoxicants. This should put it in stark contrast to the Great American Beer Festival, which every October floods our downtown streets with loopy, pretzel-necklaced nimrods.

The Cannabis Cup will unfold like a typical trade show, with representatives from all over the country in town to showcase their latest wares and forge new business alliances. Among the dozens of companies that will attend are Duby (get it?), which will debut its newest app that allows marijuana users to share their experiences anonymously with other enthusiasts and make recommendations about products and vendors. Mary’s Medicinals will be displaying its range of MMJ products, including its newly released Rescue Tonic, which promises to combat the effects of the overconsumption of edibles. And just ahead of the show, go-to reviewer Leafly has released its latest list of Denver’s top retail outlets.

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