Cannabis Career Institute Comes To Rhode Island

RHODE ISLAND: Making money off marijuana was the topic at the Cannabis Career Institute seminar held Saturday aimed at talking to those interested in what’s being billed as a growth industry.

Robert Calkin, Cannabis Career Institute, told NBC 10 “the marijuana industry is poised to become a multi- billion dollar industry worldwide, and since we have lack of jobs we’re seeing a lot of interest.”

In Rhode Island there are licenses for three medical marijuana dispensaries. Most recently one of them the Greenleaf Compassion Center in Portsmouth, sought approval to operate a delivery service.

Douglas Breakstone, an attorney in Connecticut, was among those speaking at the seminar where they’re just getting the ball rolling on medical marijuana.

The law passed six months ago, rules and regulations have been established, and now they’re accepting applications for up to three producers initially, plus dispensaries.

According to Breakstone “Connecticut has bifurcated it into producers who grow it, and dispensaries that dispense it to patients”

Bottom line you have to follow the rules and regulations in the state you’re in, make sure everything is legal for the budding business you hope to create.

The Cannabis Career Institute heads to Boston on Sunday.

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