Cannabis Advertising In Uncertain Times

WASHINGTON: I had the unique opportunity to interview Darran Bruce, President of Cannadvertising, who’s mission is to inform his clients on the legality of advertising in the cannabis industry to ensure they are executing the best marketing campaign.

Q: Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. You recently spoke at the MJBA panel discussion in Washington last week, what were some of the primary takeaways? 
A: First off I would like to thank Dave and Morgan at the Marijuana Business Association, for inviting me to take part in such a wonderful event. The primary takeaway was education; educating not only the “Cannabusiness” community, but the public at large. There are many misconceptions surrounding the industry and only by educating the local governments and communities can we begin to change the way people think about cannabis.

Q: You carry the ‘fear torch’ when it comes to cannabis advertising, so what should we be afraid of?
A: Lol, The ‘fear torch’…I would say I carry the “correct information torch” that informs not only Cannabusinesses but also community leaders and the public. A person or company is allowed to exercise their rights under the First Amendment to advertise their business. The pitfall, however, is that many of these new entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry are going to face issues when they try to work with major companies like Google, Bing, GoDaddy, and Facebook, because of their terms and conditions that prevent “illegal activity” on their sites. They will continue to shut down any “illegal activity” without warning or recourse.

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