Canadian Medical Marijuana Business Flourishing

CANADA: Christian Groh is all business.

Sharply dressed in a pressed navy suit and blue striped tie, he speaks boldly of his new investment venture – a $22-million, 60,000-square-foot manufacturing facility tucked away on Vancouver Island.

It’s heavily guarded around-the-clock by 72 CCTV cameras and a full roster of security officers overseen by a former RCMP drug enforcement specialist. And rightfully so — there is something very valuable within those concrete and steel walls.

Though he may not fit the typical Cheech and Chong image, Christian Groh is a medicinal marijuana dealer. And business is booming.

Groh and business partner Brendan Kennedy first met as co-workers at Silicon Valley Bank, famous for backing companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Tesla, and started an evaluation group there to follow trends. The pair, along with another business partner, have raised more than $22 million and are set to close on another $50 million to $75 million in private capital this summer through Privateer Holdings, a private Seattle, Washington, company that invests in the legal cannabis business.


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