Campaign To Legalize Marijuana Use In Ohio Quietly Underway And Borrows Page From Casino Campaign

OHIO:  A campaign to legalize the medical and recreational use of marijuana in Ohio is quietly taking shape and includes plans to place an amendment to the Ohio Constitution before voters in November 2015, the Northeast Ohio Media Group has learned.

The campaign plans to push an amendment, that if approved by voters, would guarantee a ten or so property owners the right to grow marijuana, according to sources who spoke on the condition they not be named.

By embedding in the constitution where marijuana can be produced – and essentially who can profit from its production – organizers are using an approach similar to the one gambling interests used in their 2009 successful campaign to  allow casino-style gaming. That amendment, known on the ballot as Issue 3, limited gaming to just four locations in Ohio.

The campaign to legalize marijuana has commitments from select property owners to provide the millions of dollars that will be needed to pass such a amendment, according to sources who are familiar with the plan.


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  1. wes says

    I am completely for legalization of cannabis , however I and everybody I know will vote against this. You can forget about your monopoly where a few people get wealthy off this…

  2. George Barrett says

    Responsible Ohio (RO), would create a marijuana monopoly – much like the current Ohio casino monopoly – granting the exclusive right to cultivate cannabis to a conglomerate of ONLY 10 companies / investors. This shameful attempt to create a de facto cartel cannot be tolerated. This group has practically stolen the name of the group I will be supporting – Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis. RO has created a name so similar so that they can confuse the public into supporting the wrong group. RO has the backing of big business so they have a flashy website, paid signature gatherers, and will most certainly have a massive ad campaign this year.

    Responsible Ohio (RO) is the big business monopoly of 10 growers, with NO personal / home cultivation exemption.

    Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis (ROC) is a political action committee that was started by average Ohio citizens and they are in desperate need of volunteers to collect signatures. The amendment would allow personal cultivation with permission of land owner, commercial cultivation with fees imposed, standard sales tax, amnesty for marijuana convictions, etc. The ROC amendment has the potential to be the most progressive marijuana law in the nation.

    Please support Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis –

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