California — Now The Largest Cannabis Market In The World — Has No Product to Sell

CALIFORNIA: According to a report in the Los Angeles TimesCalifornia is facing a serious shortage of legal cannabis, caused by a number of factors, including the recent fires that devastated the state, and the lack of city licensing approvals.

“Nearly a month after legal sales began for adults in the nation’s most populous state, the longstanding medicinal and illegal marijuana markets are still transitioning to a multibillion-dollar regulated system, estimated to eventually reach $7 billion in value,” the Times reported. “So far, one of the biggest challenges is having enough growers.”

One company,  Micro Lab Farms, is addressing the marketplace need by providing an innovative solution — fully automated indoor growing environments that can be placed virtually anywhere. The turn-key system utilizes specially sealed shipping containers, outfitted with the most advanced technology in the world, which provide greater efficiencies, increased crop yields, and lower costs than other comparable method of cultivation.  Compared to outdoor cultivation, the Micro Lab Farms’ system can produce as many as twice the number of crop cycles per year.

The fully transportable systems from Micro Lab Farms can alleviate these obstacles by allowing businesses to locate their growing facility virtually anywhere. Additionally, the patent-pending system provides the perfect growing environment, so crops can be harvested far quicker than by other conventional means.

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