‘Bud’-ding Pot Industry Lights Up A Whole New Economy

NEW JERSEY: The budding pot industry is creating a tech boomlet.

Entrepreneurs David Bernstein and Vlad ‎Stelmak are two of the growing number of businesspeople to get a whiff of the possible profits as more than 20 states have now passed pot-friendly laws.

Their brainstorm? A website and app — WeedHire.com— devoted to helping people find jobs in the expanding marijuana industry.

The Fair Lawn, NJ, duo launched the site in May after seeing news footage of people waiting for hours to get into a marijuana job fair in Colorado.

“We were sitting together and we saw this story come up and we were just like, wow,” said Bernstein, who likes to call the dot-com boom surrounding the pot industry the “pot-com boom.”

The pair are hoping their site, which lists more than 250 jobs — including a photographer for WeedMaps and a lawyer for the Arizona Medical Marijuana Certification Center — will save their struggling business AnythingIT, a penny stock company that lost $1.3 million last year.

They aim to charge employers to post jobs, as well as to access users’ résumés and to conduct background checks on potential job candidates.

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