Blue Line Protection Group and Amercanex Streamline Wholesale Transactions for Colorado’s Legal Cannabis Industry

COLORADO: Blue Line Protection Group, a leader in providing armed protection, regulatory compliance and secured transportation services to high-value asset industries, today announced its new strategic alliance with Amercanex, the American Cannabis Exchange, to provide secure cash processing and transportation services to Amercanex’s ACE Marketplace transacting members.

“This new relationship is the product of many months of work between Blue Line Protection Group and Amercanex,” said Daniel Allen, Blue Line’s chief executive officer. “Now, Amercanex ACE Marketplace transacting members can engage in fully compliant transactions of lawful marijuana products, and we can provide the safe and secure product and currency transportation to minimize the risks associated with moving large amounts of currency from buyer to seller.”

The legal cannabis industry still relies primarily on cash transactions. However, the presence of cash brings an increased likelihood of criminal threats directed towards dispensaries and wholesale cultivators who keep large amounts of currency on-site to enable them to engage in legal cannabis transactions. Amercanex’s ACE Marketplace streamlines and economizes wholesale transactions of legal marijuana products, while Blue Line provides the logistical infrastructure to provide secure cash and product transportation.

“Our partnership with Blue Line gives our transacting members yet another edge in the cannabis industry,” said Steve Janjic, Amercanex CEO. “We created this alliance in response to the need for a secure method of transporting cash and product as well as another payment method removing credit risk associated with sourcing inventory on the ACE Marketplace. As the nation’s premier cash-based security and protection agency in the cannabis industry, Blue Line gives growers and dispensaries additional peace of mind while conducting business on our electronic marketplace.”

“This solution is perfect for dispensary managers who want to engage in more cost efficient wholesale transactions, but who do not feel comfortable keeping large amounts of cash on-hand to facilitate those purchases,” said Ricky Bennett, Blue Line’s vice president of operations and compliance. “Now, dispensary owners can rely on Blue Line for secure off-site cash storage and secure product transportation. Less cash stored on-site at a dispensary makes that business, as well as the staff and customers inside, less attractive to criminals.”

“With our new 12,000-square-foot Denver headquarters opening soon, not only will we have all of our operations consolidated into a single, secured and protected location, but we’ll have a central hub for our transportation fleet to accommodate all of our clients’ transactions,” said Mr. Allen. “From our new centralized location, we’ll be able to offer our full suite of services to our clients, our valued business partners across the nation, and our banking partners right here in Colorado who’ve been looking for a secure off-site facility that can accommodate cash processing.”