Black Entrepreneurs Being Left Out Of Medical Marijuana Boom

A Canadian company has bought a business center in Washington State with plans to lease the space to licensed marijuana growers and processors.

FLORIDA:  There’s big money being made in the marijuana legalization movement. But African Americans are still getting screwed when it comes to pot. In fact, black people are being squeezed out of the marijuana game. Even the New York Times, in an op-ed column calling for an end to America’s pot ban, admitted that marijuana laws target African-Americans: “Even worse,” they wrote, “the result is racist, falling disproportionately on young black men, ruining their lives and creating new generations of career criminals.”

A study last year by the American Civil Liberties Union found that a disproportionate number of blacks are arrested for pot than whites are.

Yet as Florida voters prepare to join 23 other states that have legalized marijuana for medical use, many African-Americans will not get the opportunity to get rich doing something they are already good at: selling weed. If Amendment 2 passes in November, the state Department of Revenue projects medical marijuana businesses could make $5.6 billion in annual sales.

Orlando attorney John Morgan has dumped $4 million into the cause, claiming he’s doing it for sick people. The governor’s race is also about the pot. That’s why Morgan is backing Crist. They want to decide who is in charge of the state health department in order to set the regulations and limit who can compete for medical marijuana licenses.


Read full article @ Miami New Times


  1. James Landry says

    here we go throwing the race card once again , maybe if they didn’t label them self’s as black only schools and all they wouldn’t have a problem with issues . I say keep them out of the game !!!

    • Helena_Handbasket says

      I’m having trouble determining your point, as your post does not seem to be more than nominally coherent. (I don’t mind screw-ups in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.. but PLEASE at least attempt to make sense.

      If I am correct, the meaning I picked out of your comment is, “Any mention of racism is automatically fraudulent. Also, lets keep all ‘those darkies’ out of this business, because a very small percentage of them attend segregated schools.”

      I don’t really even know how to answer that. I can’t even figure out if I find your comment hilarious or disheartening. (Probably a bit of both, now that I think about it)

  2. Ms. Meds says

    So one black business mmj owner gets busted, I could point out hundreds of other than black mmj owners but seriously whats the point you race baiter.

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