B-Real, DNA Genetics and PRØHBTD Media Announce Digital-First Reality Series, ‘Pimp My Grow’

CALIFORNIA: B-Real, DNA Genetics and PRØHBTD Media, have joined forces to produce a new digital first reality series titled, “Pimp My Grow,” aimed at cannabis enthusiasts.

DNA Genetics, one of the oldest and most respected genetics and grow experts in the Cannabis industry will visit Cannabis growers around the country and “Pimp Their Grows.” Some growers may be new to the industry, looking to set-up their first personal grow for medical reasons, while others are building out industrial-sized indoor operations. All of them have one thing in common; they are looking to harness DNA’s best-in-class expertise.

“We’re psyched to meet with amateurs as well as experienced growers to help them grow the biggest, healthiest and most special plants! And we’re going to bring along a few of our friends to help out,” said DNA’s Don/Aaron.

B-Real added, “I’ve seen a ton of good and bad growers and grows in this space.  Nothing compares to the work that the DNA guys do. They will literally pimp out some grows. This is going to be unreal and unprecedented.”

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