Applications For Oregon Marijuana Dispensaries Growing

OREGON:   Applications for permits to open new medical pot dispensaries are increasing as the state prepares to allow the businesses to sell retail marijuana to anyone over 21.

Figures obtained by The Associated Press from the Oregon Public Health Division show that since Measure 91 passed last November, there have been 411 new applications to open medical marijuana dispensaries and 51 since the start of July, when the Legislature voted to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to start selling recreational pot on Oct. 1. There were 203 in the six months before the election.

Donald Morse, a dispensary owner and director of the Oregon Cannabis Business Council, says the market is saturated, with three dispensaries recently going out of business.

“Everyone believes there will be millions of people lined up around the block to go to their dispensary,” said Morse. “When they don’t show up, these people will realize they made a mistake, there isn’t that much money to be had, and close their doors.”

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